Beef Meatballs with Marinara - 32 oz.

All Beetnik products are USDA Certified Organic and Gluten Free made with only simple ingredients.

Beef Meatballs with Marinara - 32 oz.
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Our Organic Grass Fed Beef Meatballs with marinara feature organic grass fed beef formed into gluten free meatballs and paired with our hand-crafted marinara sauce.

Our food philosophy is as simple as the ingredients that we use.  Great food comes from great ingredients.  That’s why our foods never contain MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavorings, hormones, or antibiotics.  That’s why we freeze our food so that we never have to use preservatives or shelf stabilizers.  Most importantly, that’s why we go the extra step to ensure that all of our meals are certified USDA Organic and Gluten Free, so that you never have to read a Beetnik label to know that you’re getting nothing but the unadulterated goodness that only nature can provide.

Nutrition and Ingredients
Ingredients organic grass fed beef, organic onions, organic almond flour, water, organic garlic, sea salt, organic fennel seed, organic black pepper, organic paprika, organic basil, and organic oregano, Sauce: organic tomato puree (vine-ripened fresh organic California tomatoes and naturally derived citric acid), water, organic garlic, organic olive oil, sea salt, organic Italian seasoning, organic basil, organic oregano, organic black pepper, organic zucchini, organic carrots(organically grown vine-ripened fresh unpeeled ground tomatoes, organic extra heavy tomato puree and sea salt), water, minced garlic, olive oil, salt, italian seasoning, basil, oregano, and black papper. Carrot and zucchini.